Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Repairs

Whether you operate a truck, crane, or earthmoving equipment, DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane have the technicians, the facilities and the expertise to meet your needs. Applying best practice mechanical repairs, our technicians will carry out engine, axle, drive shaft and transmission repairs that will get your vehicle back on the road.

Truck Engine Repairs

The experienced team at DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane offer an extensive array of diesel mechanic services and heavy vehicle repairs to all makes and models of diesel engines and trucks. From basic servicing to major engine rebuilds and everything in between.

Engine Conversions and Replacements 

As an engine ages and its components wear, the engine may need a rebuild or in severe cases it may be necessary to replace the whole unit. Rebuilding the engine is often the most economical solution but sometimes delay in obtaining parts may mean excessive downtime for your vehicle.

DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane have the expertise and equipment to rebuild or replace your engine in the shortest possible time.

Truck Gearbox Overhauls

Truck gearboxes translate power from the engine to the driveshaft. Because of all the moving parts involved, a gearbox can wear because of the constant heat and friction. Truck Gearboxes are costly to replace and should be well maintained to ensure longevity. If you notice signs of gearbox problems bring your truck in for a service. DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane perform transmission overhauls and rebuilds or can replace the gearbox if necessary.

Driveline Repairs

DMR Repair and Replace Universal Joints and fit Centre Bearings. Repair or Replace Driveshafts, Driveshaft CV Joints, Driveshaft Yokes. 

Brake Refurbishing

DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane also offer a full brake overhaul service to ensure your truck's brakes are in top shape. Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle and we take brakes seriously. Our workshop is fully equipped to service all aspects of Heavy vehicle brakes. Whether you need your brakes relined, pads replaced or disks machined, we stock a full range of brake products to suit every need.

Other services DMR Heavy Vehicle Repairs Brisbane offer include:

  • Steering & suspension repairs
  • Exhaust repairs & replacement
  • Clutch & automatic transmission servicing
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Auto-electrical and diagnostic services